Thematics weddings

The wedding ceremony is the main event of the day of your wedding, whether you marry in a civil ceremony as the church or spiritual ceremony. From where to decoration, music or lighting, every detail will be part of one of the happiest moments. Themed weddings are unique; weddings revolve around a theme we like and which we want to give a special role.

Religious weddings

We invest the hours that are needed to prepare each celebration to success is secured. To make everything perfect, it is first necessary to know the caracterizticas of each pair and then to study all the possibilities we can offer, as well as your budget. Organizing a wedding is no longer as before, each is different and the possibilities are endless. We want to help with good ideas to help you get your perfect wedding.

Civil Marriage

A complete plan wedding planner to organize wedding or simply an officiant civil ceremonies are just some of the services we can offer.